Ingleton: River Doe Valley

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View up towards Ingleborough

Mapping the Ingletonian

The River Doe section is perhaps more geologically intriguing part of the walk than the text book geology of the Twiss section. The walk commences below Beezley Farm where you enter an oak woodland where the River Doe flows down from Chapel-le-Dale. Along this part of the walk you will see the following waterfalls:

a) Beezley Falls
b) Triple Spout
c) Rival Falls
d) Baxenghyll Gorge
e) Snow Falls

Jack Soper explaining mapping techniques on the River Doe section

The geology of the Doe is characterised by turbidite sandstones with some interbedded siltstones. As demonstrated on the River Twiss section, the waterfalls are formed from the turbidite sandstone posts with the siltstones / slates forming the plunge pools.

The Ingletonian rocks on close examination show a number of important sedimentary features such as graded bedding, isoclinal folding and cleavage - all key structures in determining the way-up of the strata.

The Ingletonian rocks have also been subjected to intense compression forming synclines and anticlines.