Ingleton: Dyke Intrusion

© Craven & Pendle Geological Society

Dyke cut into the Ingletonian Rocks

Ingletonian Dyke

This outcrop is located on the River Doe section of the walk. The dyke can just be picked out by the diagonal mineralisation making it about a metre thick. On close inspection it looks not unlike the surrounding Ingletonian strata. This similarity has been compounded by the fact that once intruded, the dyke has been subjected to a fair degree of metamorphism.

There are other dykes cutting through the rocks of the Ingleton Glens. Some are smaller and similar in appearance to the one shown in the photograph.

There is however, a lamprophyre dyke just before you reach Meal Bank Quarry further along the River Doe. This dyke is much younger (probably early Devonian) and is likely to be related to the main Lake District intrusions (such as the Shap Granite). It makes a splendid feature as it partially cuts across the River Doe.

You do have to leave the path and care must be taken when descending the hillside. Please return to the path afterwards and do not cross-over into Meal Bank Quarry as access to Ingleton via the gate is extremely difficult!