Ingleton Falls Waterfall Walk Route

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Ingleton Waterfalls Route


The Waterfalls Walk was first opened to the public by the Ingleton Scenery Company in 1885. The fascination of the waterfalls and the woodlands has combined to make this an extremely popular place all year round.

The walk begins on the west side of the River Twiss (SD 693733) and follows well maintained footpaths. The walking distance is about 7 kilometres.

Beside the geology there are many scenic and natural features through out the walk. The walk from the car park to Swilla Glen contains a wide variety of deciduous trees such as Hazel, Ash, Oak and Birch. Ground cover is profuse with Ground Ivy and Hart's Toungue being fairly easy to recognise.

When you reach Pecca Bridge watch out for the bird life! Many species can be viewed from here (especially by the Refreshment Hut). The most common ones are the Finches, Tits, Wrens and Dippers. If you are very lucky you may see Herons, Kingfishers and Green Woodpeckers. There used to be Red Squirrels in the Ingleton Glens but sadly they have been 'pushed out' by the arch rival, the Grey Squirrel.