Ingleton: Carboniferous Limestone

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Carboniferous Limestone

Meal Bank Quarry

From the elevated position of Storrs Common there is a good view across to the disused Meal Bank limestone quarry. This impressive quarry is situated between the South Craven Fault and the North Craven fault.

The north end of the quarry is relatively unfossiliferous. As you pass south along the quarry face a shaley coal seam is exposed. This is seen just above the iron staining in the associated fireclay. It indicates a basin-wide lowering of sea level (palaeokarstic surface). There was sufficient time for colonisation by plants before the sea flooded in once more. There is a nodular bed enriched in pyrite 15 metres above coal seam. The palaeogeographical setting for this sequence of limestones is perhaps that of an atoll where the nodular bed is some kind of turbidite slumping on the flanks of the atoll.

Fossils can be found in the south end of the quarry and include typical Lower Carboniferous corals and brachiopods. It's also extremely popular with rabbits!