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Mid Craven Fault

Mid-Craven Fault  Viewed from the west, the Middle Craven Fault marks the southern boundary between the Askrigg Block and the Craven Basin. The geology between the fault and the North Craven Fault is somewhat complex and is referred to as the "Transition Zone". The line of the fault is easily picked out by the change in vegetation. The lush green typically marks the Dinantian Great Scar Limestones whilst the more bracken-coloured vegetation masks the Namurian Bowland Shales and Grassington Grit.

Mid-Craven Fault

Mid-Craven Fault  Grid Reference [SD 911633].  This is a view east from the Malham - Gordale road.  The Middle Craven Fault skirts the limestone escarpment to the left (Cross Field Knotts) with the Weets Top lying in the Bowland Shales to the right. (See photograph below) 

Again there is a clear contrast in topography, vegetation and land use across the Dinantian Limestone - Bowland Shale boundary. Often the farmer erected the wall where the change in vegetation occurs.

Deep water Bowland Shales