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Watlowes Dry Valley

Watlowes Dry Valley Having ascended Pike Daw, Peter Chiles, leader of the CPGS excursion, leads the group into Malham's classic Dry Valley - Watlowes.  If you walk in the opposite direction, eventually you arrive at the Water Sinks and from there you have easy access to Malham Tarn.

The Dry Valley winds its way between limestone scars. At this point in the photograph its quite narrow but as you can see it does widen out on approaching Malham Cove. The observed asymmetrical profile of Watlowes has been attributed to soliflutionon the south facing slopes. Frost shattering being the cause of the steeper craggy north-facing slope. Also, note the distinctive wall that runs along the valley floor. This is the ancient boundary separating the lands of Fountains Abbey (west) with that of Bolton Priory (east).