Yorkshire Dales

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View from Scar Top Garage
Great Scar Limestone

South Craven Fault
On a journey between Ingleton and Settle the South Craven Fault forms a natural boundary to the limestone upland. This fault is particularly noticeable at Giggleswick Scar and can be viewed on the A65 at SD 797658. It is one of the best fault scarps in the UK. 

On close inspection the rocks to the right (south west) have been displaced relative to the those on the left. The vertical displacement is thought to be of the order of 1.8 kilometres. The Scar is formed out of Great Scar (Dinantian) Limestone whilst the low ground to the right is formed by Namurian sandstones that rest on a thick sequence of argillaceous shales and limestones typical of the Craven Basin. The fault moved as recently as 1944 as recorded by an earth tremor in Settle. The epicentre was thought to have been the South Craven Fault.