Bellman Quarry, Clitheroe

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Bellman Quarry 2008

Bellman Quarry Grid Reference [SD 7505 4320]
Photo© P. Kabrna 2008

Permission is required to enter Bellman Quarry. All photographs taken in February 2005.

Castle Cement have begun to work Bellman Quarry once more! An edited version of the of a statement from Castle Cement reads as follows:

'Work has started on the quarry that is expected to secure the future of cement-making in the Ribble valley.

The re-opening of the old Bellman quarry, immediately to the south of Castle’s existing Lanehead quarry is expected to yield 30 million tonnes of limestone over a period of around 30 years.

While the Bellman site has not been quarried since the 1980s, it was originally worked in the 1940s. The quarry will be worked initially from the south-west, starting close to the Pimlico Link Road, and moving north-east. This first phase is expected to take around 12 years. Limestone will be carried to the existing Lanehead crushing plant in dump trucks using a private haul road within the site.

Subsequent phases involve the general widening of the quarry area towards its final boundaries. Progressive restoration will soften the quarry edges – initially to the east and north and then the south east.

Geologists will be excited by the long-term prospect of a rock exposure spanning millions of years along the boundary with the Pimlico Link Road, including faces rich with fossils.'

Crinoidal Limestone

Crinoidal Limestone
Photo © P. Kabrna 2008