Salthill Quarry

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Waulsortian Mudmound

End section of the mud-mound : Bellman Limestone Member, Clitheroe Limestone Formation

Locality 2

The photograph shows the corner of the same waulsortian mudmound seen in cross section before. The individual units are more recognisable at this point in the quarry.

An erosion surface is distinguished by a Boulder Bed (the horizon between the pale and dark limestone).

Salthill Quarry is an exceptionally prolific source of fossils but through time, uncontrolled collecting has had an adverse effect on the geological and educational value of the site. Please treat the site with respect so it may be preserved for future visitors.

Lancashire Wildlife Trust together with the Geologists' Association have recently published the "Salthill Quarry Geology Trail" Guide No.58, 1997. This is an updated account based on "Salthill Quarry Geological Trail" (Grayson, R.F. 1981).