Salthill Quarry 

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Describing geopetals (sedimentary infills)

Actinocrinus sp

Michelinia megastoma coral colony

Locality 4
Grid Reference SD [75204242]

Unlike the previous locality, here we see the same facies association i.e. waulsortian flank deposits with the added advantage of being able to read the dip of the beds which is approximately 25o south.

It is worth lingering here at outcrop in order to see the variety of fossils including dissociated crinoid material, crinoid cups, corals, brachiopods and algae.

In the photograph I am explaining the how geologists' make use of the 'fossil 'spirit-levels' (geopetal infills).

This locality has been visited by commercial collectors. Some of the crinoid calyxs have now been taken!