Salthill Quarry

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View: Salthill to Pendle Hill

Salthill Quarry (with good views)

Autumn Gentian

Autumn Gentian

Locality 7
Grid Reference
[SD 7568 4257]

On this rise at locality 7 you can place Salthill Quarry in its regional and geological context. To the north-west lies Castle Cement Works. All strata between here and the Cement Works is confined to the Clitheroe Limestone Formation i.e. the period of time when these Waulsortian Mudmounds were established. To the south-east is an area of soft, deep marine shales. The line of trees straddling the gulley on the flanks of Pendle Hill marks the occurrence of the Pendleside Limestone Formation which was deposited by turbidity currents. As you climb the gulley the strata changes back to a series of predominantly mudstones with thin intervening sandstone horizons. When you arrive at the steeper slopes of Pendle Hill itslef the strata changes to a series of coarse sandstone turbidites better known as the the Pendle Grit Formation. This gulley is Little Mearley Clough and is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).