Salthill Quarry

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Ice scoured limestone

Roche Moutonnee ?

GA Field Excursion (late 1980's)

Locality 8
Grid Ref: [SD 75654262]

Note the smooth shallow sloping profile with a steep, often angular forward edge where boulders were were 'plucked' off by the ice. On the limestone blocks themselves it is possible to pick out scratch marks, better known as striations. These striations were formed by solid rock in the ice sheet being dragged across the surface of the pavement.

The photograph (below right) is taken during a Geologists' Association field meeting to Clitheroe. Local visitors to the web site might recognise Dr. W. H. Ramsbottom in the bottom left of the photo! The party are examining the limestone pavement that was formed beneath the Ribble Valley icesheet during the last glaciation. This is believed to be a Roche Moutonnee; a useful indicator as to which way the ice moved down the vally.