Salthill Quarry

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Locality 9 Grid Reference [SD 75644262]

The photograph shows a variety of waulsortian facies in the Bellman Limestone Member of the Clitheroe Limestone Formation.

Lateral Facies Change
This locality is perhaps the best section to show lateral change in facies. Here the Inter-bank facies, which was depoisted in low energy conditions, can be seen in the tight v-shape as shown in red. .Both are very rich in crinoids, corals, bryozoans and foraminifera. Algae indicate water depths of less than 200m.

Further References :
Lancashire Wildlife Trust together with the Geologists' Association have recently published the "Salthill Quarry Geology Trail" Guide No.58, 1997. This is an updated account based on "Salthill Quarry Geological Trail" (Grayson, R. F. 1981).

Also see: Miller, J & Grayson, R. F. (1972) in "Origin and structure of the Lower Viséan "reef" limestones near Clitheroe, Lancashire" PYGS Vol. 38 , 607.