Salthill Quarry Trail: GR [75504265]

© Craven & Pendle Geological Society

Salthill Quarry is an internationally important site for the study of Waulsortian Mud Mounds and Crinoids. In addition there are rare limestone flora to be noted on your way round so come prepared! Visitors to the Quarry should observe the "Code of Geological Fieldwork". A good reference for the visitor is the Salthill Quarry Geology Trail GA Guide N0.58 (1997) by A.Bowden, M.Webster and T.Mitchum

Salthill Quarry Nature Trail

Section through a Waulsortian Mud-Mound

Biosparite gravel scree
Section through a Waulsortian Mud-Mound Viewpoint
Flank deposits and fossil geopetals Roche Moutonnees
Bedding plane of Flank rocks Lateral Associations
Weathering of Crinoidal limestone Waulsortian Mudmound

Coral Colony

Paul Kabrna pointing out a compound coral Michelina cf megastoma
Photo: © John Singleton (Loc. 1., Salthill Quarry, 22 May 2010)