Genus: Platycrinites

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Platycrinites bellmanensis
(Posterior view: Dorsal Cup)

Subclass: Camerata
Order: Monobathrida (Camerates without infrabasals)   
Sub-order: Glyptocrinina (Moore 1952)
Family: Platycrinitidae

Typically has 5 plates in the radial circlet.  The tergal plate is situated above the radial circlet.  The base is pentagonal.  The dorsal cup is formed essentially of radials and basals only.  The tegmen is usually composed of many plates.

This genus in the UK Carboniferous contains many species of Platycrinites.  The species bellmanensis was originally described from three specimens, all of which show the position of the anal opening.

Expect the individual plates to be ornamented with coarse granules or pustules.  Perhaps the similarity of many of the species ought to be subjected to further research.  I would expect many species to be 'variations' and not distinct species in their own right!

Recorded Platycrinites
(after Westhead, S.)
Coplow Bellman Salthill Knoll Wood Bolland
P. gigas (Phillips) x       x
P. bollandensis (Wright)         x
P. westheadi (Wright)  x        
P. diadema (McCoy))    x     x
P. bellmanensis (Wright)   x  x    
P. humilis (Wright)        x  
P. pileatus (Goldfuss)   x x    
P. megastylus (McCoy)     x   x
P.insulsus (Wright) x        
P. externus (Wright) x        
P. granulatus (Miller)     x   x
P. contractus (Phillips)     ?