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Pennsylvanian Environment

Coal Forest Fossils: plants are particularly rare in the fossil record.  Coal though is composed entirely of plant remains giving us the first insight into early great forests.  In the lagoons you may find Xenacanthus - a great armored fish together with early sharks.  The undergrowth was probably crowded with giant centipedes and cockroaches.  Also you may expect to see giant dragonflies such as Meganeura.

The remains of plants are found in a variety of situations:

Roots found in fossil soil such as giant club moss roots (Stigmaria).

Tree trunks are often buried by river sedimentation. (Lepidodendron and Sigillaria)

Leaves and cones are carried by wind and water. (Seed fern cones such as Trigonocarpus: Leaves such as Neuropteris and Sphenopteris).