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Field Excursion Dates 2017

Sunday, 7 May
The Yoredales and the Wet Grooves Mine, Askrigg
Lesley Collins (CPGS)
- a Yorkshire Geology Month excursion -

Weekend: 23 - 25 June
Geology and Quaternary features of North Wales:
(Anglesey, Snowdonia, and Llandudno)

Lynda Yorke Ph.D., University of Bangor & Paul Kabrna FGS

Sunday, 16 July
Silverdale and Arnside
Barbara Gordon (CPGS)

Saturday, 19 August
Carboniferous geology in the Forest of Bowland
Ian Kane Ph.D., University of Manchester
- Joint meeting with the Yorkshire Geological Society -

Sunday, 10 September
Karen Ashworth and Steve Birch (CPGS)

Photo ID's (left, top to bottom)
Dr. Nick Riley MBE., Dr. Martin Whyte, Dr. Roger Suthren, Dr. Dave McGarvie, Prof. Paul Wignall, Paul Kabrna, Yvonne James
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