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Indoor Lectures 2017-18
New Venue: St. Joseph's Community Centre, Bolland Street, Barnoldswick BB18 5EZ

13 October
Lilliputians and Brobdingnagians: body size changes in Lower Jurassic Bivalve Mollucs
Jed Atkinson BSc., University of Leeds

10 November
Volcanic processes
Emeritus Professor Harry Pinkerton, Lancaster Environment Centre, University of Lancaster

8 December
GOE figure: Paleoproterozoic oxygenation, glaciation, and stratigraphic correlations in South Africa
Matthew Warke Ph.D., University of St Andrews, Scotland

19 January

16 February
Death in the oceans: extinction risk in the marine realm
Adam Woodhouse MSc., University of Leeds

16 March

13 April


Photo ID's (left, top to bottom)
Dr. Nick Riley MBE., Dr. Martin Whyte, Dr. Roger Suthren, Dr. Dave McGarvie, Prof. Paul Wignall, Paul Kabrna, Yvonne James
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