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Indoor Lectures 2016 - 17

14 October
Placer gold deposits of the Yukon
Matthew Grimshaw, University of Leeds

11 November
Deadly volcanic flows: understanding pyroclastic density currents
Rebecca Williams Ph.D., University of Hull

9 December
The Preserved Sedimentary Record of Giant Rivers: Examples from Yorkshire, Around the World and Beyond
Nigel Mountney Ph.D., University of Leeds

13 January
New techniques in palaeontology and evolutionary transitions
Russell Garwood, University of Manchester.

17 February
Mineralisation of the South Pennine Orefield
Noel Worley Ph.D., (formerly chief geologist at British Gypsum)

10 March
Members Evening

7 April
The early Toarcian (Early Jurassic) mass extinction event and recovery in the Eastern Tethys
Autumn Pugh, University of Leeds

Field Excursion Dates 2017

Sunday 14 May

23 - 25 June
North Wales Weekend

Sunday 16 July

Saturday 12 August

Sunday 10 September


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Dr. Nick Riley MBE., Dr. Martin Whyte, Dr. Roger Suthren, Dr. Dave McGarvie, Prof. Paul Wignall, Paul Kabrna, Yvonne James
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