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Bank Hall Colliery:
No.1 Shaft
(photo courtesy of Towneley Hall)

Coal Mines of Burnley: It is perhaps worth mentioning that in Burnley (and East Lancashire for that matter), the term Mine is used in place of the term Seam. The base of the Coal Measures lies at the Six Inch Mine Marine Band.

Coal Seams (Mines)
Goniatite Marine Band

Doghole Mine Rock
Doghole Mine
Kershaw Mine
Palace House Top Bed
Shell Mine
Palace House Low Bed
Burnley Four Feet Mine
Maiden Mine
Lower Yard Mine
Inferior Cannel Mine
Fulledge Thin Mine
Tim Bobbin Rock
King Mine
Lady Mine
China Mine
Crackers Mine
Dandy Mine
Dandy Rock
Arley Mine (Better Bed Coal in Yorkshire)
Old Lawrence Rock
Pasture Mine
Crutchman Sandstone
Cannel Mine
Upper Mountain Mine
Inch Mine
Gastrioceras listeri Marine Band
Lower Mountain (Union) Mine (Halifax Hard Bed Coal in Yorkshire)
Ganister Rock
Lower Foot Mine
Bassy Mine (Halifax Soft Bed Coal in Yorkshire)
Woodhead Hill Rock
Six Inch Mine (Pot Clay Coal in Yorkshire)
   Gastrioceras subcrenatum Marine Band