Programme: 1998 - 2000

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Indoor Meetings

Friday, 30th October
Geology and geochemistry of the Dolgellau Gold Field
Simon Bottrell Ph.D., University of leeds

Friday, 27th November
Coal mining in the Royal Forest of Peak
Derek Brumhead

Friday, 18th December
In search of Iapetus - the geology of north and west Wales
Bob Perris

Friday, 29th January
Wells, Springs and Spas of Craven: a geological viewpoint
Rod Ireland BSc.

Friday, 26th February
Volcanic rocks of Iceland
Dave McGarvie Ph.D., Open University

Friday, 19th March - Two talks:
Vesuvius - a simmering furnace?
Carol Scholes BSc.

Earthquakes and a Lancashire lad
Paul Kabrna

Field Meetings

Saturday, 15th May
Lower Palaeozoic rocks of Crummack Dale
Paul Kabrna

Sunday, 26th September
The Carboniferous rocks of Upper Nidderdale
Paul Kabrna

Programme: 1999 - 2000

© Craven & Pendle Geological Society

Indoor Meetings
Friday, 15th October
The geology of southern Tibet
Paul Wignall Ph.D., University of Leeds

Friday, 12th November
New work on the Palaeozoic 'Paper Pecten', Dunbarella
Chris Peel Ph.D., University of Leeds

Friday, 10th December
Rivers: what you didn't know!
Bob Perris

Friday, 28th January
Members evening

Friday, 25th February
The origin of gold in the making of Celtic artefacts
Rob Chapman Ph.D., University of Leeds

Friday, 31st March
New research on the Carboniferous Millstone Grit Group
Matthew Brettle Ph.D., University of Liverpool

Field Meetings
Saturday, 13th May
The geology and geomorphology of Malham
Bob Perris

Sunday, 25th June
Geology around Mam Tor and Castleton
Brian & Carol Scholes

Saturday, 26th August
Coal and Lead Mining around  Thieveley Scout, Cliviger Valley
Paul Kabrna

Saturday, 30th September
The Permian and Carboniferous rocks of Knaresborough
Paul Kabrna

The geology and geomorphology of Malham
Leader: Bob Perris

Meeting Place:  10:30 am, Malham village car park. Sheet 98 Wensleydale & Wharfedale G.R. [900 627]

Walking Distance:  7 - 8 km. Carry packed lunch if desired; pub stop is available.

Purpose:  This excursion examines landforms of the Malham area with particular reference to Pleistocene processes and glaciokarst.

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Geology around Mam Tor and Castleton, Derbyshire
Leaders: Brian & Carol Scholes

Meeting Place: 10.30 am at the bottom of Winnats Pass at G.R. [827 139] on the O.S. Outdoor Leisure No.1 Dark Peak Area sheet.

Walking Distance:  The maximum walking distance is 5 - 8 km. Carry packed lunch. As usual come prepared for typical Pennine weather!

Purpose:  This excursion to the Peak District will focus on Mam Tor in the morning and the Treak Cliff area in the afternoon. Mam Tor is a classic example of Dark Peak geology being composed interbedded sandstones and shales.

The afternoon session involves viewing and collecting from fossils localities and Blue John spoil heaps (also known for sphalerite). The excursion is expected to finish around 4:00 - 4:30 pm giving members chance to enjoy the Castleton area.

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Coal and Lead Mining around Thieveley Scout, Cliviger valley
Leader: Paul Kabrna

Meeting Place: 10.00 am, at lay -by on the A646 (T) across from Fishpond Plantation at Grid Ref. [882 278] O.S. Pathfinder 690 sheet for Rawtenstall and Hebden Bridge.

Purpose:  The excursion looks at mining evidence in the vicinity of Thieveley Scout. In the morning we will take the easier route up to Dean Scout to view the old lead mine workings and accompanying geology around Thieveley Farm.

Lunch at the Staff of Life public house, Cornholme or packed lunch at Ratten Clough car park - our meeting point for the afternoon session.

In the afternoon we will view the geology of Beater Clough (Greens Clough) and the associated coal mining activity at the head of the clough.  Expect the excursion to finish between 4:00 - 4:30 pm.

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Permian and Carboniferous rocks of Knaresborough
Leader: Paul Kabrna

Meeting Place: 10:30 am at Old Mother Shipton's (SE 345 571) off the A59 just south of the River Nidd. An entrance fee is required to complete the excursion (the fee also covers car parking).

Walking Distance: a fairly level 8 km which passes numerous pubs, picnic places and public conveniences.

Purpose: The excursion follows the Knaresborough Gorge which itself is a glacial meltwater channel. The geology focuses on Permian rocks and their unconformable relationship with the underlying Carboniferous strata.

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