New Carboniferous Names

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The Carboniferous System

New Official Names (posted June 2006)
The Subcommission on Carboniferous Stratigraphy (SCCS) in collaboration with other organisations (1999 - 2004) have concluded their revision of names within the Carboniferous System. More information releated to this process can been found at

The main changes affecting the UK are as follows:

1. The division of the Carboniferous into two subsystems, Mississippian and Pennsylvanian does not agree with the current western European Lower (Dinantian) and Upper (Silesian) Carboniferous divisions.

2. The adoption of Tournaisian, Visean, Serpukhovian, Bashkirian, Moscovian, Kasimovian and Gzhelian as global stages.

3. The relegation of the west European series, Namurian, Westphalian and Stephanian, to the status of stages of only regional importance.

4. The relegation of western European stages, shuch as Chadian, Holkerian and Asbian etc. to the status of substages of only regional importance.

The coloured parts of the table show ages of Carboniferous rocks found in the Craven & Pendle Geological Society region.