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Sawley's Abbey, founded in 1147 AD, became the home of group of Cistercian monks for the best part of 400 years until it was dissolved in 1536. Monks joined protestors in the rebellion against the Dissolution of many of the north's Catholic monasteries. Two of the Sawley monks were arrested and executed by order of Henry VIII and concluded with the Abbey being dismantled.

The main walls and night stair remain on the site. It is also an excellent picnic spot in the heart of the Craven Basin.

Recipient of the Yorkshire Geological Society's Moore Medal presented at the AGM at Wolley Hall on the 7 December 2013. The Moore Medal is awarded "not more frequently than biennially as an acknowledgement of services to geology in the north of England”. Photo caption: Prof. Patrick Boylan presenting PK with the medal.

Added some video clips to the Angelsey pages: see this link

The 2011 / 2012 programme is upload.

Photographs of the Anglesey field trip in June 2011 are now uploaded.


Saturday: 9 April
Waddington Fell Quarry and Ashnott Knoll.
Guide: Paul Kabrna & Alan Whalley

Sunday: 8 May
Limestone knolls around Whitewell.
Guide: Jean Chicken, Paul Kabrna & David Turner

Weekend: Friday – Sunday, 10-12 June
Geology of Anglesey.
Guide: Paul Kabrna

Saturday: 16 July
Glaciation and geomorphology around Kisdon, Upper Swaledale.
Guides: Jon Barber Ph.D., University of Leeds

Saturday & Sunday, 20-21 August: (Organised by the Yorkshire Geological Society)
Askrigg Block and Craven Basin.
Guide: Colin Waters (BGS)

Sunday: 18 September
Craven lowlands around Gargrave and Skipton.
Guide: Paul Kabrna

INDOOR DATES FOR 2011 – 2012
Friday: 14 October 2011
Friday: 11 November 2011
Friday: 9 December 2011
Friday: 13 January 2012
Friday: 10 February 2012
Friday: 9 March 2012
Friday: 30 March 2012

22 December 2010
Resumes updated. The book on the Bowland Sub-Basin on track to be printed by June 2011.

23 November 2010
October and November resumes now uploaded in Programmes.

8 October 2010
New date to be announced for the April 2011 meeting.

19 May 2010
The indoor programme is more or less complete. Decembers date is awaiting confirmation and I am still checking out speakers for January.

26 May 2010
Updated and tidied up the section on Cowling relating to the search for the Mid-Carboniferous Boundary.

3 May 2010
Details of four of the five field meetings are posted in the Programme area.

Indoor Programme: 2009 to 2010

Friday, 16 October
Bowland Forest: unveiling the secrets of an ancient cold war. Paul Kabrna

Friday, 13 November
Turbulence, displacement, death, and worms: molluscs in the Millstone Grit
Speaker: Ian Kane Ph.D., Leeds University

Friday, 12 February
Evidence of global sea level change across western Ireland and northern England during the mid Marsdenian (Carboniferous). Rachael Dale MGeosci (Hons), Leeds University

Friday, 12 March
Redevelopment of the Rotunda Museum - 180 years in the making. Will Watts, Scarborough Museums Trust

Friday, 16 April
Members Evening.

Friday, date to be confirmed
Rhyolite glaciovolcanism at Oraefajökull Volcano, SE Iceland: a window on Quaternary climate change.
Angela Walker BSc., Manchester University

15 April 2008
Updated the Grassington page which includes the Lead Mining Trail.

All the society indoor talk reports are uploaded for 2007 to 2008.

5 April 2008
'Vote of Thanks' by Bernard Peel for Deborah McCormack' after he talk on Rapid climate change and glacial growth in NW Scotland last Friday evening in the lecture hall of the Rainhall Centre.

13 February 2008
Please note that Dr Mark Bateman from Sheffield University will give the society a talk on The ebb and flow of the Yorkshire margins of the last British ice sheet. This talk replaces the one due to be given by Dr Peter Vincent (7 March).

2 February 2008
Resume of the end-Guadalupian mass extinction talk is posted.

16 December 2007
Resumes of the first two talks are now online.

2 October 2007
A JOHN MILNE book review by Professor Paul Wignal is now available here.

31 August 2007
Indoor meeting programme is now complete. Also, note that our venue is now the Rainhall Centre in Barnoldswick!

9 August 2007
The indoor meeting programme is complete bar November.

20 April 2007
Details of all field trips are now available in the Programme section.

3 April 2007
Last indoor meeting resume now available. Photographs of Wadi Nukhul and the LYDAR surveying from Dr. Paul Wilson, Manchester University.

25 March 2007
1. Field meetings programme out.
2. New book out (21 March 2007).
Kabrna, P. (2007). John Milne - the man who mapped the shaking earth Published by Craven & Pendle Geological Society. ISBN 978-0-9555289-0-3

24 February 2007
1. Resume of the Yani Najman 'Himaya' talk is posted.

2. New book on 'John Milne' out soon.

3. John Milne Bicentenary talk from 2pm to 3ppm on the 19th March, 2007 at Touchstones, Local Studies Centre, The Esplanade, Rochdale. Download the pdf file on the home page for more details.

4. Field meetings for May and June are now fixed.

6 December 2006
The first two indoor meeting resumes are posted in the Programme section.

7 October 2006
Final programme is out.

16 August 2006
Provisional dates for indoor meetings for 2006 to 2007:

Friday: 27 October
Friday: 24 November
Friday: 15 December
Friday: 26 January
Friday: 23 February
Friday: 23 March

25 June 2006
New official names of the Carboniferous Period are posted. Also updated a few Malham pictures and corrected the chemical equation for tufa formation etc.

8 May 2006
The Man who mapped the shaking earth is posted.

14 April 2006
Details of the field programme are now available.

11 March 2006
Added two images and modified Society photos page

19 February 2006
Added a Gilbertsocrinus preserved in a block of Carboniferous limestone from the Dunsop Bridge area.

15 February 2006
The Disarming Dromaeosaurs is posted.

15 January 2006
Phil Manning's talk on the 17th February has been brought forward one week to the 10th February.

24 January 2006
The Late Devonian Mass Extinction is posted.

17 December 2005
The Carboniferous Crinoids of Clitheroe is posted.

17 December 2005
The Fire & Ice: Alaska volcanics is posted.

22 October 2005
The Volcano-ice-water interaction on Mars is posted.

25 September 2005
Developed a bit more on the Anglesey section covering our recent field meeting there. (Rhoscolyn & Llanddwyn).

1 September 2005
The Indoor Programme is complete. Hope you like it.

29 August 2005
The indoor programme is near to completion. The dates are 21 October, 18 November, 16 December, 20 January, 17 February, 17 March, 8 April. The new section on Anglesey is now on-line.

4 August 2005
The Classic Sites section, the Cliviger Valley section and the Craven Basin section have been overhauled in terms of access. A section on the field excursion to Anglesey (September) is in development.

25 July 2005
From 31st July this year CPGS will become affiliated to the Geologists Association.

9 April 2005
Details of the Summer field meetings are published.

20 March 2005
The Nova Scotia resume is posted.

13 February 2005
The Norber erratics resume is posted.