Wycoller Hall

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Ruins of Wycoller Hall

Wycoller Hall was the ancestral home of the Hartleys who were one of the greatest farming families in this part of Lancashire. The Hall was built by Piers Hartley in 1550. Later it was passed through marriage into the Cunliffe family following the Civil War.

Four generations inhabited Wycoller Hall. The last of the true line was a man called Henry Owen (who assumed the name Cunliffe). After his death in 1818 it became the property of the chief mortgager, a Rev. John Oldham who sold the doors, windows, roofing timbers and stone to support the building of a cotton mill in Trawden.

Majestic fireplace

Wycoller Hall is said to be haunted by a spectre horseman, and a lady dressed only in black silk.

Adjacent to the Hall is the Taythe Barn. Frequently this is used as a meeting point and for exhibitions. Just beyond the Barn lies the fishpond - a common dietary feature amongst abbeys and halls!